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VC Does SN?

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Apr. 15th, 2008 | 07:24 pm
location: My bum
mood: sicksick
music: The breaking air conditioner
posted by: doctor_badness in super_random

Dean must have it in with Adriana Lima or something because I remember during the holidays in December walking into Victoria's Secret. Well ah... that's not the funny part, but the thing is... they have this whole Body Rush collection that has all these things that smell like alcoholic drinks. Obviously The Magnificent Seven was still on my mind when... ta da! I found it. The first Appletini Body Wash I ever knew to exist. Seriously, who the heck would make a line like that bust Victoria's Secret? The Appletini stuff's like this only... green:

Then, of course... (since I was trying to make a random collage of stuff that reminded me of Supernatural as a present for a friend) I searched for Superman Returns for hours before I found it because Jared and Jensen auditioned for it for fun.

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